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Welcome to Tiemann's Mistletoe, your one stop shop for all your mistletoe needs. We offer preserved and fresh mistletoe.

Try the traditional "Kissing License" Real Texas Mistletoe!

Company Profile

Tiemann's Holiday Mistletoe has a heritage of over 50 years in business, and the distinction of being one of the few mistletoe businesses in the United States.  It was established in the 1950's when Pete and Lois Tiemann, who were from a small town in Central Texas called Priddy, were looking for any way they could find to help support the failing income from the farm/ranch that was struggling during the great drought of the 1950's. They originally started with shipping "fresh" mistletoe and eventually moved on to "preserved" mistletoe.

    Pete and Lois are now gone, but Robert "Speedy" Tiemann, Pete and Lois' son, and Carolyn Tiemann are the owners and still carry on the same practices and traditions as Pete and Lois. We insist on good service, quality products and timely delivery. Some years mother nature doesn't always comply with our instructions and mistletoe doesn't grow as we would like for it to, but we adapt as best we can.

    The tradition of people kissing "under the mistletoe" has been around for hundreds of years, and we're happy to have been a part of keeping this tradition alive. Please contact us if you need information or if we can help you with an order. We appreciate your business.

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For Information on products, shipping and pricing use the following contact information!

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P.O. Drawer F
Priddy, Texas 76870
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Tiemann's Mistletoe, Inc.



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